Group highlights

Net sales1


2019: €66.3 billion
+12.8% (+14.2% at constant rates)

Net consumer online sales


2019: €4.5 billion
+66.6% (67.4% at constant rates)

Free cash flow2


2019: €1.8 billion

Dividend per common share


2019: €0.76 

Net income


2019: €1.8 billion

Underlying operating income


2019 : €2.8 billion

Underlying operating income margin


2019 : 4.2%
+0.6 pp

Diluted income per share from continuing operations


2019: €1.59


Diluted underlying income per share from continuing operations


2019: €1.70 

Own-brand food sales from healthy products


2019: 47.9%
+1.9 percentage points (pp)

Associate engagement score


2019: 80%
Industry benchmark: 79%

Dow Jones Sustainability Index


2019: 69
Industry average: 31

Reduction in absolute CO2-equivalent emissions (scope 1 and 2)4


2020: 3,035kt
2018 baseline 3,658kt

Reduction in tonnes of food waste per food sales (t€ million)5


2020: 4.5 t/€ million 
2016 baseline: 5.48 t/€ million

  1. Ahold Delhaize’s 2020 fiscal year consist of 53 weeks.
  2. In 2020, after €2.7 billion cash capital expenditure (2019: after €2.2 billion cash capital expenditure).
  3. The 2016 figures presented in the graphs are pro forma figures. To read more about the 2016 pro forma figures, please refer to our Annual Report 2016. 2018 figures have been restated for the change of accounting policies (IFRS 16 leases).
  4. The reduction is measured against the 2018 baseline. 2019: 3,593 ktonnes, a reduction of 2% compared to the 2018 baseline. See ESG statements for more information.
  5. The reduction is measured against the 2016 baseline. 2019: 5.0 t/ € million, a reduction of 9% compared to the 2016 baseline. See ESG statements for more information.

Our strategy

Our Leading Together strategy has served us well since 2018 and is still helping us deliver solid results. We articulated a new vision that defines the dot on the horizon we are moving towards, which is to create the leading local food shopping experience. Check it out!

2020 Q&A with Frans Muller

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CEO Frans Muller sat down for an interview to reflect on 2020, a year unlike any other during his 24-year career in food retail, and shed light on his thoughts about the future.


Our brands and performance


414 thousand

Customers served every week, both in stores and online

54 million

Great local consumer-facing brands1


Stores serving our local communities in Europe and the United States2


  1. Including our joint venture brands.
  2. Excluding our joint venture brands’ stores.

Our growth drivers

In 2020, we tightened our focus to the following four key growth drivers that are helping us fulfill our purpose, achieve our vision and prepare our business for tomorrow. They enabled our brands to respond swiftly to consumers’ evolving needs during the COVID-19 pandemic and supported our leading market share positions across our geographies.

Drive omnichannel growth

Drive omnichannel growth

Creating a seamless experience in all phases of the customer journey

We want to help our customers navigate the choices they encounter, from planning to shopping and all the way through to enjoying their meals. So, we’re creating a seamless experience in all phases of the customer journey, enabled by technology. We believe that by doing this, we can deepen the relationship between our brands and our customers and become their one-stop shopping destination.

We are driving omnichannel growth across all our local brands, with four main focus areas: grow e-commerce and profitability; drive seamless omnichannel engagement; optimize our brick-and-mortar footprint; and drive price, value and assortment.

Elevating healthy and sustainable

Elevate healthy and sustainable

Making sure decisions are grounded in doing the right thing for people and our planet.

At Ahold Delhaize, we believe that what’s healthy and sustainable should be accessible and available to all. We aim to ensure that every choice we and our brands’ customers make is the better choice. From sourcing locally and helping farmers and other community and neighborhood producers get a fair deal, to working with suppliers to improve the overall food supply chain, the decisions we make are grounded in doing the right thing for people and our planet.

Our healthy and sustainable growth driver is centered around four primary objectives: enable customers to make healthier choices, provide more product transparency, eliminate food and plastic waste and reduce climate impact.

Strengthen operational excellence

Strengthen operational excellence

By operating as efficiently as possible today, we will be able to invest in evolving the shopping experience for the future.

We continually look for opportunities to leverage our scale and save money to put back into our customer offering.

Technology and data are enablers for creating a seamless omnichannel experience – so, ensuring data privacy and information security is an increasingly important part of operating our business.

Our omnichannel growth ambitions are supported by our strong and predictable cash flow, efficient and scalable infrastructure and critical-scale technology projects.

As we strengthen operational excellence across our local brands, we have four main objectives: save for our customers, improve our supply chain, enhance store operations and strengthen internal operations across all functions.

Cultivating best talent

Cultivate best talent

Our ambition.

We’re in the people business. The 414,000 associates working across our brands and support offices focus every day on ensuring they serve their customers well and deepen connections with their communities. To be successful, our brands need the best people.

That’s why at Ahold Delhaize and our great local brands, we strive to reflect the markets we serve and make sure associates’ voices are heard and valued and we find purpose in our work, have equitable access to opportunities and can grow and contribute to our fullest.

Our brands place diversity and inclusion at the center of their ambitions. We have a bold aspiration to be a company whose brands and support offices are 100% gender balanced, 100% reflective of the markets they serve and 100% inclusive.

Our four main priorities as we work to cultivate best talent are: create the future of work, pivot our culture, transform our capabilities and cultivate talent.

Creating value for our stakeholders

As a global company, Ahold Delhaize has a diverse range of stakeholders. But the four main groups we impact are customers, associates, communities and shareholders.



Our business is built on our relationships with customers.

We help them eat well, save time and live better by creating the leading local food experience. We want to be there for them through the entire process from planning to shopping to enjoying our products at home or on-the-go.



Working together across stores, distribution centers and support offices, associates bring to life the “local” in our vision.

They are at the heart of our brands’ ability to understand and serve the needs of customers and communities.



Our brands play a role in the lives of millions of people every day.

We feel a deep sense of responsibility for helping people live better and making communities stronger. We work to create an impact locally and meaningful change globally.



Ahold Delhaize has a long and proud tradition of serving local communities and associates with care, building customer trust and developing strong brands.

This enables us to retain leading market share positions almost everywhere we operate. Our brands’ deep connections with local communities are fundamental to creating long-term shareholder value and underpin our consistent results.

Read more about how we create value for our stakeholders.